July 1, 2019 to July 5, 2019

8:20 pm / 8:50 pm

The Free Moon Flower Show!
This Week, 7/1–5, 8:20-8:50 pm each evening!
Bring your lawn chairs, check in at the clubhouse for directions to flowerbeds.
Watch hundreds of blooms open before your eyes!  Our beds of Moon Flowers(aka Evening Primroses) bloom each evening, smell overpoweringly sweet, then each bloom dies the next day to be replaced with a whole new crop of blooms the next evening.  Each bloom opens in about 30 seconds so it is like watching slow motion nature videos of flowers blooming.  You will get to see hundreds of blooms opening each evening!

We last had a good crop of Moon Flowers in 2017- since they are biannuals, we struggle to keep the plants that will bloom the following season from being weeded out as they look like plain old dandelions!  Enjoy!